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The Eight Mistakes to Avoid as a Roommate

If there is one thing for certain, as a college student you will most likely have a roommate. And with that, comes the possibility of having a bad roommate. Here are eight roommate characteristics to avoid:

1. The messy roommate. The type to leave anything and everything out. One student said her roommate left a dirty dish in the sink for two weeks until she finally caved and washed it herself. It is not just dishes, it is laundry, school books, and anything else that belongs to them and does not belong haphazardly placed throughout your house.

2. The food stealer. There is no worse feeling than coming home from school (or a night at the bars) and the food you have been craving is gone. Now, you are left alone with your starving stomach. One student’s advice is to buy your own personal refrigerator, which she has in her room with a combination lock. For the food that’s not refrigerated, get creative in hiding it and then reach a food agreement. Food stealing can do major damage on friendships.

3. The Partier. It is OK to have wild roommates; in fact it makes it more of an entertaining experience. However, that line can be crossed when 4 a.m. rolls around and drunk people are jumping on your bed and blasting music when you have to be up in two hours for work. Coming from personal experience, lay down some laws and sometimes a roommate talk just has to get a little unpleasant.

4. The needy roommate: It’s OK to live with your best friend and sometimes it does work out, but beware. Friends get needy and want to spend time 24/7 together. After nearly ruining a friendship, one student said she set up certain times throughout the week where she and her roommate hung out and spent time together to mitigate the clinginess.

5. The promiscuous roommate: It’s the elephant in the room. Yes, it is a free country and we as grown women are allowed to do what, and who we please. However, the sex-crazed nympho roommate can be an awkward situation for all involved. Walking in on surprise visitors is never an ideal situation. Keep it to your room.
“I had a roommate that would sleep with her boyfriend in my bed while I was gone. I bought a piece of fiberglass, with the help of my brother, and rubbed it all over a pair of cheap sheets I bought (So when they  hit the sheets it would be itchy and uncomfortable). Nothing was ever said and I never came home to a slept-in bed after that.” Says an anonymous friend. A little cruel, but effective.
Another girl had a roommate who left KY bottles all over the house so one day she gathered them up (while wearing gloves) dumped them out and put the bottles in the middle of the offending roommate’s bed.

6. The clothes stealer. How many have gone to the closet and your favorite shirt is dirty or your shoes are missing, or your favorite jeans are stretched out from being worn? These are not life altering situations, but they will definitely build up your annoyance. Speak up if it bugs you. If you don’t, well then, choose another outfit. If you are guilty of this… stop. It’s the worst. All you have to do is ask, and the answer will usually be yes anyway.

7. The sibling. This can be really good or really bad. Think deeply before moving in with a family member. Take it from the girl who moved in with her brother. There is nothing more awkward than taking your brother’s one-night-stand to her car in the morning.

8. The always late paying bills roommate. If you are responsible, put the bills in your name. There is nothing worse than losing hot water in the middle of a shower or coming home at night to no power. Be the responsible one and get the bills paid. Remember, if the bill has both your names on it; it is your credit taking the hit, too.

Living with roommates can be the highlight of college life. Just try and choose wisely, people are a lot different in the comforts of their own home than you often expect.

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