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Earth Day now Earth Fest

It’s 2016, and we’re still living on Earth. At the end of April Earth Day was celebrated by many on social media and in worldwide activities, all of them expressing their love for the world and nature.

Oklahoma State University took it to the next level with Earth Fest, which is a a week long celebration of the Earth through different activities to educate others on sustainability.

They had experts to demonstrate the variety of possibilities to make living on Earth more sustainable. Oklahoma State University Sustainability was there to educate others on how disposable coffee cups are impacting the earth, while Sprouts was there to explain the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods.

A lot of different organizations participated in this week-long event with the similar goal of teaching others how to help sustain the world.

Katie Schlotthauer, a junior majoring in bio-systems engineering, helped set up a booth for OSU Sustainability.

“I like it because Earth friendliness is trendy right now. Almost everyone has a part or interest. I really like to see how different organizations have a part in sustainability,” Schlotthauer said.

Earth Fest has been going on for many years and the involvement is growing each year. Next year, the hope is to have more students involved than the previous years.

“Becoming a sustainable university is a really big task,” Schlotthauer said. “If you’re alone it seems impossible and getting together with different groups brings back hope because everyone has the same goals. “

Student at Oklahoma State University
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