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In 2004, the fans of Disney and Pixar were wowed by the superhero movie the Incredibles. The movies follow the story of the Parrs. Bob and Helen, formerly known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, have been in hiding since superheroes were banned. They live a quiet life know with their kids Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. But Mr. Incredible wanted to get back into fighting crime and goes to help Mirage, a mysterious and rich lady, help her benefactor destroy a robot that has gone crazy. It turns out that a fan-turned-enemy is behind it. The Parr family gets thrown back into the life of fighting crime to try and stop this new enemy. Everyone loved the movie, and everyone wanted more.


Almost fifteen years later, we got a sequel.


I’ll be honest. I was really worried that Disney Pixar wouldn’t be able to live up to everyone’s hopes. IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE DON’T READ THE REST OR YOU WILL BE SPOILED! Okay, I warned you. Let’s get into the movie.


It was SO amazing! It lived up to everything I had hoped for. The movie starts off right where the other ended. Right after Dash participated in his first race and gets second place the family is headed home when a villain arrives. The Underminer, threatens to steal from the bank and trample anyone that gets in his way. With the Incredibles working as a team they are able to save the city from being destroyed but the Underminer gets away with the bank money. Although they were saving the city, officials are furious that they intervened. They are reprimanded and told not to ever use their powers again.


But there are some that want to help superheroes be legal again. DevTech owner Winston Deavor and his sister Evelyn, a brilliant inventor, want to help Helen, Bob, and Lucius (Frozone) bring superheroes into the light again. They first enlist the help of Elastigirl to start their project. Bob stays home to take care of the kids even though he would love to suit up again.

Elastigirl helps to save a runaway train that was being controlled by Screenslaver, a villain who is as mysterious as he seems. He uses others to do his dirty work by hypnotizing them using screens. After two attacks by him, Elastigirl takes the fight to him. She beats him and gets him thrown in jail. But the victory is cut short when Elastigirl learns that the man she caught was another one of Screenslaver’s hypnotized puppets. Right as she figures this out Evelyn slaps a pair of goggles on her and hypnotizes Elastigirl, revealing that she is the Screenslaver. 

    Soon Evelyn has hypnotized Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone and a bunch of new superheroes. The only ones she doesn’t have are the Incredible kids. It’s up to Violet’s invisibility and force fields, Dash’s speed, and oh, did I mention that Jack-Jack has powers? Well, he’s a Jack of all trades, you could say. The kids work their way into saving their parents and uncle Frozone. With all of the family back together they free the rest of the superheroes. Taking down Evelyn is no small feat, but these are the Incredibles. Nothing can stop them. With Evelyn destroyed, the public decides to make superheroes legal again. The movie ends with the Incredibles going to the movies, Tony Rydinger joins them as Violet’s date. (They are so cute together.) Right before they enter the movies, however, noises come from the distance. There’s another crime happening and superheroes are needed to save the day. Violet tells Tony to get the popcorn and the candy and she’s meet him inside before the previews ended. Just an average day in the life of a superhero.

    Of course, I couldn’t say everything that happened in the movie because that could take a while. For the full story, you’ll need to watch it. I’m off to watch it again now! If you made it to the end of this story without watching the movie, what are you doing? Go watch it! It’s amazing.


Stay strong, and don’t be dumb! -Sarah


Sarah Palmer

OK State '21

Hello! My name is Sarah Palmer. I wrote articles and posted to Her Campus Magazine during my Freshman year at OSU (2018-2019). I wrote about what interests me (who doesn't?): animals, my education, books, TV series, original fiction. Since Her Campus Magazine, I have graduated with my bachelor's in agricultural communications (2021). I'm now following my dreams of freelance writing/editing, working in a bookstore, and writing books I hope to publish. Check out my website if you want a more up-to-date look at what I'm up to! My social media links are also posted there. God Bless! https://twopst6.wixsite.com/sarahpalmerportfolio
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