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Does The Game Got Any Game Left?

      B.E.T, Black Entertainment Television, launched the Season 5 premiere of the original series The Game. The series started on CW, but after the station didn’t receive the ratings it expected from the show, they dropped the series after season 3. However, after many faithful fans, including myself, complained and begged for the show to be brought back, it was. B.E.T picked up the series in January of 2010 with season 4.

       The downside about B.E.T taking the series is the acting, writing, and characters took an unexpected turn. The series started out in season 1 with a rookie football player, Derwin Davis, and his college girlfriend, Melanie Barnett while they tried to get adjusted to the life of a NFL star. Also on the team were the star wide receiver and team captain, Jason Pitts, his wife, Kelly Pitts, and their daughter, Brittany. They last family is focused on the “forty-million dollar” quarterback bachelor, Malik Wright and his single-mother, Tasha Mack. Throughout seasons 1-3 the series experienced the  divorce of Kelly and Jason Pitts, the rise of Malik Wrights career, the fall of Jason Pitts career, the many breaks ups of Derwin and Melanie, the marriage of Derwin and Melanie and the birth of Derwin’s illegitimate son.

      After the last episode of season 4 which was launched by B.E.T, the fans were quite confused. Kelly, Jason Pits ex wife, had left the show because she needed to “find herself” leaving Jason to raise their bitter teenage daughter, Brittany. Malik was out of alcohol and drug rehab and was in love with a model he met in rehab, and Tasha was now managing Derwin Davis’ career. Although the drama still remained prominent in the series it didn’t show any relevance to the characters. However, the one thing that remained consistent and strong was the true unconditional love between Derwin and Melanie, and how through their trials and tribulations they are still together.

      Now B.E.T has launched season 5 and it seems a bit boring and the role of Jason, Malik and the new character Chardonnay played by singer and actress Brandy serve no importance. Malik, the millionaire, is now on a budget because he is broke and benched due to the affair he had with the team owner’s wife, Parker, played by Meagan Good. Jason is now realizing how to behave as a black man in this society due to his new “wife” Chardonnay. Derwin is struggling to get his respect from the team and the new star quarterback, Quan Kirkland while Melanie and Tasha’s friendship is in jeopardy after Melanie fired Tasha from representing Derwin. Everything and everyone’s characteristic have left that spark that trait that made the public and fans fall in love with them since season 1. The writers need to come stronger and more realistic. Drama attracts the public but consistency keeps them.

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