Cuffing Season 101

It is approaching us and its coming in full swing. 

Homecoming is around the corner, leaves are changing, and the weather is getting colder. 

Along with all of that, we have to worry about the inevitable Cuffing season. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you have nothing to worry about, but for all of the single women out there it seems as if your life depends on it. All of a sudden everyone in your family wants to know anything and everything they can about your relationship status. That can be nerve-racking and annoying all at the same time. So here it is in the flesh the emotions you go through when you are trying to survive Cuffing season.


You are on the hunt for your new boo. Are you going to reach out to the cute guy that got your number from last year and see how his summer was, are you going to approach people at parties or wit until people approach you? Whatever you decide to do Scouting is exhilarating and challenging because you get to meet al the new faces, but you have to remember all the other ladies are in the same mindset as you so you have to catch them quick.


You have built up your roster and everything is looking up for you this season. You are observing from afar, interacting with them a little bit more than you were, and making sure everyone is eligible to be on your team. Its a promising time for you and nothing could go wrong.


You have now narrowed down your roster to a select few. You can see yourself with any of those people and probably have an order for them. You were a little discouraged when you realize that someone snagged your number one before you, but you still have a few other options to choose from.


You went from 5 potentials to 2 in the matter of a week. One of them isn't looking for a relationship, one just isn't that into you and the other got a whole girlfriend back at home you didn't know about. You start to question your scouting process and maybe that it was you and not them. You continue on with talking to the rest of your roster and getting into deeper conversations. You must cut one of them off soon, but who? You are probably nervous about who will be the one, but that comes way later.

Cuffing Season

IT. IS. HERE. One must go. Who will get the last rose? Is it your decision or has someone already swooped in and stolen your man? So many emotions, but no time to stop and think. You are stressed, curious and concerned. There's nothing you can do now but decide.


You have a man!!!! You got your boo and y'all have been great. You met his family, he met yours and you are happier than ever. Christmas is approaching and you need to think of a gift for him that he will remember forever.

Championship Game

The Game is on Valentines Day and however you decide to celebrate is your business, not mine.

Not everyone's Cuffing season comes out this way, but I hope yours does. The emotions may be rough, but at least once you participate in one you don't have to worry about the next.

Happy Cuffing!!!!