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Cowboys getting defensive

               The Cowboys haven’t been 9-0 since 1945, when they finished No. 5 and won the Sugar Bowl. This season they tied that record by keeping the only team that may pass more than them out of the end zone.  
               The Baylor Bears had 622 yard of total offense, and the Bears’ quarterback threw for 425 yards. They reached the red zone on several occasions with many opportunities to score but the Cowboys’ defense wasn’t having it. It stopped them from any appearance in the end zone the first three quarters.
               The Baylor kicker, Aaron Jones, kicked a field goal short to keep the Bears off the scoreboard in the first half, and in the third quarter Jones made a 36 yarder to get the Bears their first score.
               The Baylor offense is easily No. 2 in the nation and for the Cowboys to hold them in the red zone says something. Many critics claim the problem with the Cowboys in the championship game is defense. This game may just prove them worthy. They forced two interceptions and recovered three fumbles for a total of five turnovers for the Bears.
               Robert Griffin III is in fact overrated; the Cowboys put him under pressure in the red zone causing the Bears unable to complete their long drives with points. Griffin couldn’t handle the pressure and that will continue to be the Bears downfall in the future.
The Cowboys may have let the Bears have the ball for 38 minutes and pass for 425 yards, but they converted when in mattered.

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