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Cosmetic Crisis: Lip, Brow, and Skin Care Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

It’s been said that applying make-up is like painting a picture with your face as the canvas. Whether it’s accentuating your features or taking care of your skin, looking your best is important and make-up is just a stepping stone to that goal. But, don’t get fooled by the cheap brands or supposed handy short cuts. Here are some tips to achieving the best face.

The timeless look of lipstick and curls is always a show stopper. For a bold punch of color, use shades like red and pink to draw attention to your lips. Especially, if you’re a fair lady, this dramatic spin-off of a pin-up girl is a classy compliment to your complexion. Stay clear, however, of dark colors like purple and orange that bring out the yellow in your teeth. And when applying lipstick, be sure to finish it off with a light lip gloss for a longer wear and polished look.

Ever wished you had brows that framed your forehead and eyes just right? Simple tools like a comb, brow liner gel and brow brush can give you the guidance you’re looking for. Outlining the body of the brow will not only give boundaries when filling it in, but also highlight any stray hairs for tweezers to take care of. When plucking your eyebrows, however, be aware to leave them in a natural form. Waxing or over-tweezing can leave you looking like you hardly have any brows at all! To avoid this, never tweeze from the top down, instead, clean them up from the bottom to top.

Being a girl is tough and when acne gets in the way, it’s just one more thing to stress about. Having a personal struggle with this problem, I sympathize with the frustration so many have. But even though the inevitable happens, that doesn’t mean it can’t be dialed back! Recently, I’ve tried a product called Clean Start and it has done wonders! A step by step process for the morning and evening, this line consists of exfoliating masks, SPF care and a basic, affective cleanser. On the other hand, everyone’s skin reacts differently to different things so if this product isn’t for you, there are still steps like drinking lots of water and exercising that can put you on the track to a cleaner and healthier complexion. A big tactic to consider is removing make up properly with a quality cream and cleanser. Sometimes excess foundation can collect with natural oils of the skin to cause breakouts, so remove the problem before it even happens! A technique called microdermabrasion also does just that by removing dead skin and exposing another layer. An investment done about once a month can be beneficial in the long run!