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Continuous Open Recruitment


Maybe you didn’t know about the opportunities Greek life provides, maybe you were against going Greek or maybe you just wanted to settle into life at college before making a commitment to go Greek. But whatever your reasoning, continuous open recruitment, COR, is another chance for you to join a Greek chapter without waiting until the fall.

Not every chapter on campus participates in COR. Often chapters participate because they need more girls to meet the quota required by Panhellenic. However, all chapters are unique and have many things to offer, so COR is just as fulfilling as fall recruitment.

Typically fall recruitment is much more traditional, and it’s actually in early August which means it is HOT. You spend an hour or two getting ready, then spend the rest of the day sweating it all off. Plus, the events at each chapter are much more uniformed and specific. Although it is a great experience, it is not for everyone. COR is much more relaxed.

Rather than a week long of structured events, COR consists of activities like movie nights and ice cream dates. You get to go on casual “girl dates” with members of different chapters to get to know them and let them get to know you. Because the time schedule is less strict, COR is much more flexible with working around your schedule, whether it be class, work or extra-curricular activities. At any time during the process chapters are permitted to extend a bid if they wish for you to join their sisterhood.

This method of recruitment is less stressful, and often more enjoyable. If you prefer to get to know potential friends and sisters in a more natural environment, then COR is definitely for you! 

To learn more about the opportunities COR provides, visit http://union.okstate.edu/panhellenic/COR.htm

I am a sophomore multimedia journalism major at Oklahoma State. Originally from Fort Worth, Tx. I am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. I love photography and anything vintage!
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