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Concert Review: Melanie Martinez at the Diamond Ballroom

There was a lot one can do with a Friday night. Most would stay in, some would go out with friends.

I chose to go to the Melanie Martinez concert at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City.

This is Melanie’s second time to be in concert in Oklahoma. The first time was in Tulsa back in April. She decided after a number of shows to extend her Crybaby Tour, by adding another date to Oklahoma after the massive positive feedback she had in her last experience with the audience. Fans here were so thrilled that the show had actually sold out a good month and a half before the date of the concert. 

Fast forward to the concert, the show was supposed to begin at 8 pm. However, when the time comes, there is no one coming on stage. For forty-five minutes, fans are in an antsy confusion. Finally, at 8:45, the opening band, Handsome Ghost, comes on. They play several of their songs, pausing between songs to thank Melanie, thank the crowd, and give some backstory for the songs they were performing. Finally, around 9:45, the stage darkened and Melanie’s backing band came out to assume position. As they donned their instruments, a sound erupted from the speakers. Fans recognized the sound as a man with a rabbit mask dressed as a doctor coming out of the cabinet. The masked man scanned the crowd as he snapped the cuffs of his latex gloves. Then a different sound began and a baby crying could be heard. Fans burst into cheers as they recognized the birth of Crybaby. Melanie then popped out of the crib, and the beginning of Crybaby began playing. Roars could be heard for miles from this crowd as loud as it was. My ears started ringing from that alone. When Melanie started singing the song, the majority of the crowd sang along with her. At points, the crowd was louder than Melanie, but that didn’t bother the artist as she donned a large smile on her face. She was utterly happy at the sound of the crowd singing every single word of her song.

One part of her performance that would be always my favorite moment to cherish would be the small skit she planned during Tag, You’re It / Milk and Cookies. Around the end of Tag, You’re It, another masked man came out of the shadows in a wolf mask. He stuffed her inside the cabinet, and then the song bled into the sister song, Milk and Cookies. Melanie acted out her escape and poured milk from a baby’s bottle onto the masked man’s face. 

Melanie’s set list was the majority of her Crybaby album, sans Play Date. The show in total lasted forty minutes or so, but I can personally say that regardless, it felt timeless, and I wish it would have never ended. She was very happy to announce she was returning in a year as she’s currently working on her next project. I feel like she was very happy with the positive crowd she had here in Oklahoma, and I personally love the how the crowd was like a huge family. It’s hard not to make friends with someone you were smooshed against for three hours, anyway.

If you attended the concert as well, and would love to put in your own input, you can tell me by tweeting the Her Campus Twitter page, @HCOklahomaState! 

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