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Campus Cutie: Kylan McFail


Name: Kylan McFail

Age: 17

Classification: Freshman

Status: Single

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Major: Sports Management


Q: Why did you come to OSU?

A: I came to OSU because it’s the best school for my major.


Q: What motivates you?

A: “My mom motivates me because she dropped out of school when she was 19. If she can, I can.”


Q: What were your summer activities?

A: “I worked at a church over the summer teaching first graders about God and I played basketball on Sundays.”


Q: Since you are a freshman, what organizations would you like to be a part of?

A: “I would like to be involved in the Sports Management Club and the African-American Student Association.”


Q: What are your five biggest “deal breakers”?

A: “Smacking on a date, farting and acting like you didn’t do it, when a girl is on her phone during a date, if a girl calls me and she is in the bathroom and bad breath are my five biggest deal breakers.”


Q: What attracts you to a person?

 A: “A girl who is a Christian, a girl who is nice but can be sassy at times, a girl who can quote song lyrics with me, physical attraction, of course, and a girl with a pretty smile are things that attract me to a girl.”


Q: Why didn’t your pervious relationship work out?

A: “It didn’t work out because I left Dallas to go to school in Oklahoma.”

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