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Campus Cutie: Jake Daniel Murphy

Name: Jake Daniel Murphy

Major: Strategic Communications

Hometown: Elk Grove, California

Twitter/Instagram: jakedmurphy

Relationship status?: SINGLE and FREE

Passion: Music, songwriting, performing and people

Favorite Celebrity Couple: Beyonce & Jay-Z

Favorite TV Show: The Good Wife & Once Upon A Time

Role Model: Jesus Christ

Signature Drink: Green Tea w/ Lemon & Honey

Youtube Channel: jakedmurphymusic


When you’re not in class we can catch you?

Writing music!


Biggest Pet Peeve?:

“My biggest pet peeve would have to be when people don’t answer their phone.”


Who would be your dream celebrity?

“Definitely Tori Kelly” J


Most played song in your iTunes?

“I don’t have a most played song since I listen to every song like a billion times, but I listen to the Lianne La Havas album “Is Your Love Big Enough” all the time! It’s so good!”


Signature dance move?

“I don’t think I have one!” Chuckles


What song describes your life?

“I would say that “Dear No One” by Tori Kelly”


Favorite restaurant in Stilly?

“I would definitely say Thai Cafe!”


When did you start singing?

“I started singing at age 5.”


Where can people find your music?

“Right now I have covers on my YouTube channel, but I’ll be putting my originals on SoundCloud and hope to release a single and an EP this year”


Odd fact about you?

“I can’t snap with my left hand.”


What’s your motto?

“My motto would be that Jesus is worthy to be praised in everything! The good and the bad!”



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