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Campus Cutie: Henry Victorino Villegas


Major?- Mechanical engineering

Year?- Sophomore

Favorite spot on campus?- In front of the villages where I used to play a lot of volleyball and basketball with friends and where I’ve actually met so many people I’m thankful to have met.

Favorite way to relax?- Dancing and playing the piano or guitar. Dancing is still my favorite thing to do whether it’s contemporary or hip hop or even just free-styling to the music going on. It’s a way that I show who I am and just lets me express what I like and who I am.

Favorite quality in a girl?- If she can sing. Makes me wanna lay back and listen. Also adventurous, smart and overachieving.

Most romantic date idea?- At first I’d pick them up from their place where I’d give them some sort of gift depending on the occasion. Then going out to dinner at PF Chang’s, Abuelos or Los Cabos. After dinner going to a movie, preferably scary or comical. Afterwards going to Nienhuis Park in Broken Arrow and laying back there for a bit and just talking for a while. (That’s also one of my chill spots back home where I play music and feel just so happy due to some of my favorite moments happening there). Lastly going back and watching a series that we’re into at the moment such as Game of Thrones, Walking Dead or Adventure Time. And just relaxing after all that happened that day. (The last part can be switched for going out and going to a party though. Or even to a couple scenarios that I’ve found throughout my years living in Broken Arrow. Haha and dancing my life off with music that means a lot to me.) Either way we’d end up tired and happy of how the day went and then going our ways.

Relationship Status?- In a relationship.

Strategic Communications major and English minor at Oklahoma State University. Campus Correspondent for the Oklahoma State chapter.
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