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Name: Grant Harper

Age: 18

Hometown: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Major: Trumpet Performance and Vocal Music Education

Class Year: 2016

Relationship Status: Single


Activities: Multiple Performance Ensembles, Statesmen and Concert Coral to name a few. I pretty much spend my life in the world of music.

Favorite Activity: Marching Band at Football games, because it was just a fun experience at half time and pregame to help our fans get ready for the game. The games themselves are obviously fun, as well.

Favorite Vacations: Last year to Cozumel, Christmas trip to Europe in 2011, Canada when I was four, two summers in New Mexico.

Favorite Germany location: Dachau, the concentration camp. Because it was an eye-opening experience to see these places in person cause I had only seen pictures

Describe yourself in three words: Calm, musical and loud

What instruments do you play? Piano, violin, little bit of guitar, but my favorite is my voice. Singing is such a huge part of my life and upbringing.

What do you look for in a girl? Something more than how she looks. Has to be nice, has to be able to talk to me and handle me.

Best part about being an OSU student: Everyone seems to be like family. I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

Celebrities you’d date, ditch, and marry (keeping it PG): Date Emma Stone, ditch Megan Fox (such old news), and marry Alison Brie.

Dream job: Opera Musical Director.

Spirit animal and why? A liger, cause I love Napoleon Dynamite.

Favorite fall clothing item? Jackets. I love my peacoat and dress shoes.

Hottest sport for a girl: Volleyball (spandex)

What has been your most embarrassing moment? Probably the time I got locked out of my room. I was coming back from band practice, so I was hot and sweaty and ready for a shower. So I set my keys, phone and wallet on my desk in front of my roommate who was just chilling on his computer, and I get my stuff for the showers to leave. Well, when I come back the door is locked and all I’m wearing are boxers, a grey wife beater and red flip flops. So, I have to go down to the front desk to get a key and all of my band friends are having lunch and give me funny looks. It was so embarrassing!

Favorite body part on a girl? Eyes for sure.

Favorite feature about yourself? Speaking voice.

Ten years from now, where do you see yourself? Either teaching at a university. To be specific, in the New York or Chicago area.

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