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Campus Cutie: Eron Donevan Powell

Name: Eron Donevan Powell

Major: General Business, Marketing Minor, (Mathematics Major next year)

Age: 21

Home town: Tulsa, Okla.

Relationship status: Single

Instagram: banksy5000

Passion: Entertaining people

Hobbies: Rock climbing, Absurdly Stupid Conspiracy Theories, fairly valid conspiracy theories, Acting, Salsa dancing, Cooking, Yoga, and Building furniture.

Guilty Pleasure: Battlestar Gallactica, Enya

Pick up line: I’m pretty sure this is a trick question.

What do you look for in a girl? All I look for in any relationship in life is an intelligent, open minded, interesting and motivated woman. Oh, being very sweet also helps. OH! And excellent back massages make up for a lot.

Strategic Communications Senior at Oklahoma State Univeristy! Go Pokes! I'm a small town girl that is always looking for new places and adventures! I'm obsessed with yoga and road biking! My passion is with non-profit and volunteer service, although I'm a total advertising junkie! I'm pretty weird, and in the best way, spunky and spontaneous! 
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