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Campus Cutie: Chase Threser

Basic Information

Major: Applied Sociology Minor: Japanese

Classification: Senior

Relationship Status: Taken

Age: 21

Hometown: Hampton, Virginia


HC: You are an executive member of AASA, what is your position and can you explain what that is?
I am the current Vice-President. AASA stands for Asian-American Student Association, but like any other diversity organization on campus, we welcome people of all colors and backgrounds. We emphasize in bringing Asian-American awareness, although I would like the term be changed to APIA (Asian Pacific Islander-American) so we can encompass all Asian cultures. Since I am getting exposure through this, I highly recommend you guys to come to our meetings and become a member. You will have an opportunity to go to conferences with many keynote speakers and performers which will educate, inspire, and amaze you.

HC: How in the world did you manage to retain a 4.0 all of these years?
Hahaha! I have only retained a 4.0 for the past three semesters. When I first came to OSU, I was not committed and took this educational opportunity for granted. I only did enough to make the C’s and B’s. It wasn’t until the spring semester of my sophomore year that I actually took time to study and better myself.

HC: What are your aspirations after you graduate?
I have put a lot of thought into this. There are three different routes. One is to attend law school, either at OU, William & Mary, UT-Austin, University of Arkansas or Tulsa. I have also had an interest in teaching. Another option is to attend law school in UT-Austin, because they have an exceptional Sociology program. Last but not least, is to work for a non-profit organization that emphasize APIA and other minority rights and issues.


HC: What is a girl’s sexiest feature?
I am at a crossroads on this topic. On the physical level, I would have to say a girl’s sexiest feature is the face. On an intellectual level, I would have to say ambition. If a girl is willing to be themselves, and break that barrier through education, or sports, or in the workplace, it is a huge turn-on for me. Luckily, I have a girl that has all those qualities.

HC: What is the story of your first date?
Not to sound like I am avoiding the question, but I cannot remember. I was never well liked in high school. It was in a rural town, so I faced racism and scrutiny on a daily basis, but I held it in, which may also have made me seem less desirable for not standing up for myself. It wasn’t until after my military training, where I lost my weight and acquired new skills, which made me more confident with the opposite sex. As I have mentioned in the previous question, I did not try hard in school, so I went out a lot on that “chase.” So it is not my proudest moment, even though technically I gained skills on approaching the opposite sex. Sorry that I could not answer

HC: If your life had a theme song, what would it be and why?
If I had to pick it would be “Till I Get There,” by Lupe Fiasco. His lyrics entailing that he is going to be himself, but still reach his goal speaks volumes to me. I can see myself in his song. I am not the picture of an aspiring lawyer, with my tattoos and earring, but even with these barriers seen, I accept them and take them as another challenge in life.


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