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Campus Celebrity: Cara Chancellor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Junior Cara Chancellor plays on the OSU women’s lacrosse team.

She began playing at 8-years-old on her elementary school team. In Denver, lacrosse is a popular sport.

“I was raised on it,” Chancellor said.  “Watching it, living it, breathing it and I loved it.”

The OSU team is a D1 Club under the NCAA. They play against schools in Wyoming, Texas, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Although the sport is not as popular in Oklahoma, it was the first sport played on American soil. It is also the fastest sport played on two feet. Chancellor said it is a good combination of speed and contact.

“It’s a true American sport,” Chancellor said. “It’s classic. It’s a historic sport for this country.”

During the off-season lacrosse consumes about four hours a week of Chancellor’s time. The season, which runs January through May, is much busier. There are three practices each week plus games. 

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