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Campus Celebrities: Megan Hughes and Jill Tovar

Starting March 26 and going until April 4 is a senior art exhibit in Gardiner Gallery located inside of the OSU Bartlett Center. There are nine students being presented. They are all graduating in May 2014 with their BFA degrees in studio art. In honor of this accomplishment Her Campus interviewed two of the exhibiting seniors, Megan Hughes and Jill Tovar.

The process of getting approved for the exhibition began last semester. Before graduating seniors can show that work they must first pass a senior review and take a capstone class. The requirements for students to participate in the show include creating artists statements, resumes, biographies and being able to talk about their work. Their work is a series developed during their time at OSU.

Once the students were awarded a spot in the show, they then had to prepare for the exhibition.

“I really enjoyed learning how to deal with the gallery. I enjoyed learning how to hang my work at eye level and working with several people to solve the problems faced with hanging up sculptures and messing with the projector to get that to work right.” Hughes said.

Each student set up their pieces in the gallery. Tovar’s focus is in oil with a secondary in graphite. Her paintings were along the wall facing the window and were inspired by her memories of childhood.

“I have used my childhood memories to inspire each piece.” Tovar said.

This inspiration shows in her piece “Going to Town” which Tovar said reminded her of her dad.

 Hughes has a focus in sculpture and oil painting, however, she enjoys using all mediums for her artwork.

“I like to work in whatever medium solves the problem I am facing.” Hughes said.

One of the mediums Hughes used for her collection was melting beeswax. One of her pieces, “Faux Bovinae” is a collection of five melting cow heads.

For both Tovar and Hughes art is an important part of their lives.

“Art for me is cathartic. I usually have an issue or emotion which I need to express. I spend many hours creating a piece and then when I finish I destroy the piece. The act of destroying the piece is the art for me. What I display is the documentation or evidence of the art which hopefully still has some aesthetic value.” Hughes said.

They both see art as presenting a new view on things.

“Art means so many things to me. Art means peace of mind it means freedom of soul. Art has given me confidence and helped me see another part of myself.” Tovar said.

You can go see both Megan Hughes and Jill Tovar’s collections in the Gardiner Gallery until April 4. 


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