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The Blac Chyna Effect: Is Finessing Men The New Wave?

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, they are the never ending itch that the social world just can’t seem to scratch away.

From a reality show to a child, it seems that they have created a new scheme to cause disorder in our lives even more.

What could this be? Well, I would like to call it the Army of Women Finessing.




Stealing or getting with someone or just gliding through something with ease 


Black Chyna, the Commander In Chief of the Army of Women Finessing. Now, please note that there are decent women out there, but somehow she has inspired women to finesse men to an greater length than what they already were doing. An example below:


but I guess one example wasn’t enough: 

In reality, these army of women do exist, Blac Chyna just made it acceptable within society. Further, I believe with this us women need to hold ourselves accountable.

Sis, you can’t finesse a man, and then when he do the same thing to you, you say ” Men ain’t sh*t”, I mean what goes around comes around. Now, in no way, am I trying to take a dudes side, because some men do act unrightfully within the dating game, but at the same time we need to recongize there are bad people on both sides. So, to this new found army of women let us recognize that our finesse power can only last so long. Eventually you have to take accountability for your own actions… well sometimes LOL!

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