Bedlam 2016

This year I transferred over to an OSU fan. My whole life my family has been OU everything.

This bedlam was very different for me and I have some strong feels about this game. Here are some relatable feels about 2016 Bedlam.


1. Being the first one to score:


2. Not being the first one to have a touch down:


3. Every time OU had an “injury”:


4. The rainy weather:


5. The entire 4th quarter:


6. When Fox Sports News called Pistol Pete, “the cowboy”:


7. When OSU did not get that field goal (you know which one I’m talking about):


8. Every OU touchdown:


9. When you knew that there wasn’t going to be a comeback, but you did not want to change the channel:


10. Seeing those two nice trophies that OU received at the end: