America's Greatest Homecoming: What You Don't Want to Miss

Its that time of the year again, that means America’s Greatest Homecoming here at Oklahoma State! There are plenty of fun and exciting events you don’t want to miss out on this homecoming weekend. From events in your res hall, ones for the family, and to the game itself, there truly is something for everybody.

  1. 1. Thursday Oct. 17th 8pm-11:55pm- Orange Reflection event

    This event is a time where all the Res Halls that are taking part in homecoming are judged by the homecoming royalty court on their hall decorations.

  2. 2. ​Friday Oct. 18th 5:30pm-9pm – Walkaround

    Each member of the Greek community has worked on a house dec for a matter of months now and now is the time for them to show off their great work! This event is what gives OSU the title of America’s GREATEST homecoming so come see what all the talk is about, you won’t want to miss out on this historic and traditional event.

  3. 3. Saturday Oct. 19th 9am-11am- Sea of Orange Parade

    The event to kick off the day of homecoming will head down main street starting at 9th all the way to Hall of Fame ave. Get their early so you can get the best seats in stilly. This event features Greek houses, res halls, local businesses, student orgs, alumni, and the entire Stillwater community!

  4. 4. ​Saturday Oct 19th 3pm- OSU vs. Baylor

    The moment everyone is waiting for, the football game! For this homecoming OSU will take on Baylor starting at 3pm in Boone Pickens stadium. During half time the winner of the walk around decoration will be announced so don’t forget to download your ticket Friday afternoon to be sure you don’t miss a second of America’s Greatest Homecoming!