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After the Love Has Gone: How to Cope with a Break Up

After the Love has Gone: How to Cope With a Breakup

Ladies, so here we are after your breakup with your boyfriend after you guys have been together for who knows how long. Let me just tell you, it’s NOT the end of the world. It’s okay to stay single, and not jump into another relationship after your break up. Here are a few reasons why:

Take this time to find yourself again

  • Not everyone’s relationships end on bad terms but take this time to find yourself if you got lost.
  • Try to discover new things you like that you like to do, or couldn’t do while in a relationship.
  • Spend time by yourself and enjoy your own company.
  • Vent to your friends. (Remember, it IS okay to cry.)
  •  Let this be your wakeup call for a change.

Love yourself first

  • A lot of us girls lose love for ourselves and tend to put the people we care about first. Take this time to find love for yourself and cherish your flaws. Take yourself to the nail salon or even on a shopping spree. Enjoy this time!
  • If you’ve been considering a new haircut or color, now’s the perfect time!  Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you please.
  • Go buy some new workout clothes and hit the gym. (Exercise can be very therapeutic!)
  • Try yoga or a meditation class to center your attention back to your needs. 

The time will come again

  • Don’t rush trying to find someone to love again because the time will come.
  • Don’t go searching for another boyfriend too quick. Once again, enjoy this time to yourself!
  • Don’t worry, babe. We’re all waiting for our Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet.
  • You live and you learn! Use situations like this to pin point what you really do or don’t like in a relationship.
  • Being single gives you the opportunity to experiment. Maybe your “type” isn’t exactly that you thought it was, or maybe it’s time to go out with that guy you had a crush on years ago. Who knows!

So, what exactly is the moral of all of this: Self-love is the best love. Relationships can take a toll on us mentally and even physically, and taking the time to recoup and find your best self is the #1 remedy for a broken heart!


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