7 Things I Couldn't Live Without

My planner   

 If you don’t have a planner I 110% recommend getting one. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. My everyday life depends on my planner, from my classes, meeting and all the upcoming events. Especially in college It keeps me up to date on what assignments are due next and times I need to have everything turned in by. Not only do I keep a hands-on planner but I also make sure I keep the calendar on my laptop and phone up to date just to make sure that no matter where I am always being reminded.


Foundation is key to my life feeling like its put together. Currently two of my favorite foundations that I am using are the Dior skin forever perfect foundation and I usually use this foundation mostly on the weekend or if I have an important event to attend. My every day foundation is the Maybelline FIT ME! Matte + Pore less Foundation. I’ve used this foundations for over 2 years now and Its honestly the best drug store foundation for me. I have very ollie skin and both of these foundations are matte so they fit better for my skin. 

My phone     

Although this was probably a given my whole life is in my IPhone. I am that type of person that always has to have their phone in their hand even if I am not using it, I will most likely have it in my lap. I depends on my phone for contact information, passwords, emails, important messages and most of all my pictures. I love pictures although it’s a cheesy saying I really do believe a picture is worth a thousand words. 


Now I am not much of a tweeter actually I am not one to use social media that often but I love twitter. If I am very having a bad day I love to get on and read all the funny things people post about. My favorite thing about it all is that me and my friends have group messages so whenever we find something funny we send it in our group message so we can laugh about it later. Like are you really friends if you don’t send each other funny tweets.     


I am the biggest fan of leggings. I don’t think there was a better thing invented then leggings. I usually get my leggings from Victoria Secret, Boutiques online or even recently I found out that Sam's club sells some really cute mesh leggings for only $12 dollars and they are good material. I don’t think you can ever have to many leggings. Especially as a college student it is the most comfiest thing to wear to class. 

Friends and family     

Life would not be the same with out my friends and family. First starting with my family they are my motivation, my pride and joy, the thing the thing that keeps me going. I have 3 bothers and I am the youngest out of all of us. I am very close with my parents, if there is ever a problem or I need any type of advice I know I can always count on them to help direct me to the right path. Now to my friends, they are what make my life so adventures. From going to our late Walmart trips, to hanging out till 5 in the morning just to talking, planning road trips, and so much more I will always be grateful for all the memories they bring. I love every single one of them and their unique funny crazy ways and wait to continue to keep making memories.


 I couldn’t imagine a world without music. Music is what brings life to my everyday life. From having a good or bad day I know I can always play one of my favorite songs and be put in such a good mood. Life without music just seems so plain. Music can bring just so much joy and so many memories in some one life. Just imagine you’re in the car with your girlfriends and your friend plays a song that just gets everyone just starts singing. Music can give people life or help get someone through tough times. Music is an art life just wouldn’t be the same with out it.