5 Tips and Tricks for Your First Home Game!

  1. 1. Drink lots and lots of water!

    Even if you aren’t drinking, it's good to stay hydrated. Football season is hot! Be sure to drink water and keep hydrated throughout the day so you don’t suffer heat-related injuries.

  2. 2. Take pictures!

      You may be really caught up in the moment, but believe me, you want those pictures of you and all your friends later on.

    1. 3. Always have a DD

      Honestly, you never know what can happen throughout the day. If you are drinking at all, be sure to have money for an uber set aside or a helpful friend to be the driver for the night. This is to be sure everyone, including others on the road, gets home safely!

    2. 4. Pack lightly!

      Not only are you limited to what bags you can bring into stadiums, but if you are at all like me, you won't want to carry a bag all day long and at the game! If possible try to put everything in your pockets or just carry the important things like your phone, wallet, and keys.

      ( BONUS TIP: If you're wearing boots, stick a phone wallet on the inside of them so you can store cards and money in your boot!)

    3. 5. Be involved

      If you’re a freshman, go to games and sit in the student section, have fun and cheer and laugh with your friends. Some stuff may seem silly, but school spirit isn’t! That was one of my biggest regrets my freshmen year, I missed the whole first half of football season!