5 Things to Do on a Spring Break Road Trip

It's finally the week we've all been looking forward to, spring break! The time for relaxing, partying or traveling. If you are traveling and going on a road trip with some friends, here are some things that I'm doing on a cross-country road trip that have made the drive itself a memorable experience.

1. Make a Good Road Trip Music Playlist

Whether you realize it or not, this one is VERY important. The music you jam to can set the tone of the trip. Before my road trip, I created a  playlist specifically for the drive. Personally, I find happy, alternative-type songs to be great driving songs.

So find some songs you and your pals can sing along to, headbang to or just enjoy vibing to. It'll be a simple step that can add so much to that drive. 

2. Bring Games

A road trip is always fun with games. You could bring a deck of playing cards, or play some of the classic propless games. License Plate Bingo, any category game or Fortunately/Unfortunately. Or, if you don't enjoy classic games like I Spy and the Alphabet Game -- put a twist on it, make it entertaining. Even if these games seem very "road trip cliche," they can make a drive go by quicker and you can get a good laugh out of them. 

3. Read a Good Book 

Getting wrapped into a dreamy, literary world is a great way to spend your time on the road. Not much of an explanation is needed for this one. A relaxing drive plus a good book and scenery, you can't go wrong with that. 

4. Stop Along the Way to Take Pictures

Road trips can be so much more fun if you can get out and explore along the way. My friends and I always get out of the car and have a quick photo shoot at the most random places. New experiences, new pictures. It's also a fun way to stretch after sitting in that one spot for too long! 

5. Try a Unique Restaurant 

One rule I always live by while traveling: Never eat somewhere that you can find in your town. Get out there and try something new. If you see a cool restaurant on the road that you've never heard of, try it! You never know, you may have found that hidden gem that Taco Bell wouldn't measure up to.