5 Quick Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Finding a costume for Halloween, especially last minute, is something I find myself doing each year. Although there is always ample time to find a fun, unique costume, I always manage to throw something together at the last minute that actually turns out pretty okay. So, to help other spooky-goers like myself, here are 5 quick costumes you can throw together before the 31st!

  1. 1. Bob Ross

    Materials needed:

    Curly brown wig

    Blue button up shirt

    Paint brush


    Paint palette



    Drawn on/fake mustache and beard

    Hey, who doesn't love Mr. Happy Trees? With only three materials really needed to replicate the Bob Ross look, all three of which should be pretty easy to find at a decent price, this is a perfect last minute costume! Adding a paint palette and a fake beard/mustache combo is something easy you can do to make it even more realistic as well, with little added cost. 

  2. 2. Smart Cookie

    Materials needed:

    Graduation gown

    Graduation cap

    Cookies (real or paper)

    Tape or staples

    Depending on how attached you are to your high school or college graduation cap and gown, taping or stapling either fake or real cookies to produce a "smart cookie" costume is a quick way to add some wit into your last minute costume. Who knows, if you're careful with what you place the cookies on with, you may even be able to have an end-of-the-night snack on your way home!

  3. 3. Playboy Bunny

    Materials needed: 

    Bunny ears

    Drawn on whiskers

    Fluffy bunny tail


    Black body suit or dress

    Bow-tie choker

    Very Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or Karen from Mean Girls esc, the classic Playboy Bunny costume is always a good fall-back option. If you don't feel like wearing a black body suit, thrown on a black dress and add the ears with the tail and boom! Still not feeling a dress, basically any black clothing will do. Wear how you will however you are comfortable!

  4. 4. "Bottle"-neck

    Materials needed:

    Old pop bottle (plastic, glass, etc.)

    Twine, string, ribbon long enough for a necklace

    This one, while not the most elaborate of costumes, is great for when you're in a pinch. Tie the string around the bottle, hang the string around your neck as a necklace, and there you are a "bottleneck". Nothing revolutionary, but hopefully you at least get a chuckle out of an unsuspecting costume questioner. 

  5. 5. A Group of Rats, AKA "Mischief"

    Materials needed:

    Rat or mouse ears

    Rat or mouse tail

    Drawn on whiskers

    This one is more a group costume, since a group of rats is called a "mischief". Grab your late to costume picking friends and buy stock in cheese and mouse traps, because together you can all be a mischief! I mostly like this one for when you all walk in somewhere and can say "mischief has arrived!" Someone else has to agree that would be adorable!

Whatever you choose to go out in, if you do decide to go out remember what season of life we are currently living in: Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep yourself distanced while you're out and about and be smart. Have a safe and happy Halloween!