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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Podcasts seem everywhere now, and even seem to be taking over the social media game especially over the past few years. Many people, even celebrities predict eventually a majority of time that would be spent going on press tours will look more like going on podcasts to promote new movies, new shows, even books. Personally I love podcasts and tend to fill my down time that would be spent listening to music mindlessly during cooking food, doing homework, taking a road trip, and other daily activities and filling it with podcasts, and learning even more than I would before. With that being said I came up with a list of my top 5 podcasts I never miss and think you should give a listen to. 

Thick & Thin

Thick and Thin is a podcast hosted by Youtuber Katy Bellotte and at the top of my list. I’ve listened to this for so long I feel like Katy is my built in bestie! She keeps it real 24/7, from boys to a night on the town, she keeps it wide open with the best “big sis” advice there is. You’ll leave the episode feeling better every time and motivated to chase your dreams. 

Arm Chair Expert With Dax Sheppard 

Armchair Expert is the most interesting informational podcast I listen to, take a seat and listen to Dax Sheppard interview everyone from Steve Madden, to Bill Nye, some past interviewee’s include Conan O’Brien, Dr. Drew, Seth Meyers, Stephen Hawking, Ellen DeGeneres and so many more, you’ll be sure to find one you’ll love. From addiction to being a rock star to fashion, anything’s on the table with this interview and you’ll be sure to find your fit.

The Garyvee Audio Experience

This one is for all the business boss babes and dudes who are ready to be on their grind this year. You absolutely can’t leave listening to the podcast without feeling ready to conquer the world, Gary does a majority of questions and answer sessions so it’s only a matter of time until there’s a question you always wanted to be answered to be mentioned. Gary keeps it real and up front every time, he’ll make you feel motivated, on top of the world, while making you wonder why you didn’t start earlier. 

Up & Vanished 

Taking a sharp turn for our crime junkies out there, up and vanished is SO good. Along with Up and Vanished, tenderfoot tv has so many good true crime shows, including Atlanta Monster, DC Sniper, and To Live And Die In L.A. so be sure to check them out. Up and Vanished is all about a murder that actually happened in South Georgia- where I’m from. Through the series you’ll see such interesting information come out, and will not want to turn it off or miss a beat. A close second being To Live and Die in L.A where best selling journalist and author Neil Strauss finds himself somehow in the middle of a murder investigation. 

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amorusa 

Lastly, we couldn’t forget about the OG girlboss and CEO of Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso a true self made girl boss. Through her podcast Sophia interviews unique yet inspiring girls that will leaving you with the I can do it mentality, and help you push to be your very own girl boss, from CEO’s to rappers to influencers there’s a unique twist for just about anyone. 

While these are all very different themes of podcasts they all are top notch, from being a girl boss to the latest updates of the true crime series to a few laughs. Podcasts are on the up and up, continually on the rise, be sure to add my top picks to your subscriptions and find even more for your niche. 

Elizabeth Ann is a junior at Oklahoma State University where she studies Fashion Merchandising. She is originally from Georgia and plans to move back to Atlanta for grad school at SCAD. As well as writing for HerCampus, she is active in her sorority; Alpha Xi Delta where she serves as Blog/ Website Chair, has her own blog; Lulu and Pearls, and even makes youtube videos.