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5 Documentaries Every College Girl Needs to Watch

Documentaries can offer us a learning experience in a way that books can't: visually.  Though some of us are more visual learners than others, everyone can admit that being able to watch and listen to information can be a much more relaxing experience than actively researching that information. 

College girls, in particular, spend a lot of time researching about topics in order to learn more because of assigned materials and projects. Instead of spending hours at the library looking for a good book, you could be watching one of these documentaries! (Not to mention that these topics are especially fit for any girl making her way through college.) These films are a must-see for us college girls and can bring some new insights to our experiences as we continue to learn and grow.  Here are 5 documentaries every college girl needs to watch immediately:

1. The Hunting Ground

This documentary is all about exposing the truths about sexual assault on campuses across the U.S.  It features everyday girls like you and me who have been victimized by sexual assault on a campus and the sometimes unfortunate ways college's have dealt with their situation.


2. Miss Representation

Have you noticed the underlying sexism in advertisements, television, movies, etc.? This documentary discusses how the media has contributed to sexism and under-representation of women in our culture.


3. Hot Girls Wanted

After noticing how often the actresses in pornography are so often young women the creators of Hot Girls Wanted decided to look into why this happens.  This documentary is all about how college-aged women are targeted for the porn industry and how they are often abused by it.


4. The True Cost

Have you ever wondered why your favorite stores can afford to sell their clothing for so cheap? The True Cost explores the lives and working conditions for the people who make these clothes. This is a must-see for anyone who frequently buys from fast fashion retailers.


5. Twinsters

Twinsters is the story of twins sisters who were separated at birth but were able to find each other online.  The two girls grew up living entirely different lives, but manage to find similarities in their background and form a lasting bond.  This heartwarming documentary will help you see that despite our backgrounds or experiences growing up, we can look past this differences and unite together.


Each of the films mentioned can be found on Netflix. I genuinely believe that the plot of each of these stories pertains to college girls in some way, but can be enjoyed by anyone and can help us all grow. 

I hope you find some of these documentaries interesting and decide to check them out!


Former President of Her Campus at Oklahoma State University.  Laney is a senior Graphic Design major.  Laney is passionate about philanthropy, activism, education, and art.  When she isn't writing articles for Her Campus she is painting, playing video games, or volunteering.
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