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5 Of The Best Fashion Trends Going Into The Spring

Spring is right around the corner and with the warmer temperatures ahead we can start looking to expand our closets with the latest pieces. Here are a few fashion trends that I love going into the spring.


Just like every spring, pastels are making a comeback. These bright colors add some liveliness to your wardrobe and can be easily styled with other colors, prints and pieces.

Patterned/Colorful Pants

Recently patterned pants have been starting to gain popularity, and I’m here for it! Patterned pants are great for making a statement and adding some of your own style and color into your wardrobe.

Matching Sets

Matching sets are so convenient and can easily be paired with accessories to take your outfit to the next level. These sets are versatile and can be worn with other pieces of clothing or all together for a put together look!

Colorful Knits
Photo via Nasty Gal

Knits and sweater vests are on the rise, a ‘90s and ‘00s trend we love to see back! These pieces can be styled various ways and come in a variety of patterns and designs that can bring endless combinations. 

Shoulder Bags

And shoulder bags, my favorite trend! Adding any shoulder bag to an outfit is a perfect accessory, it’s minimal but can really bring the whole outfit together. There are so many variations of shoulder bags, and they’re so easy to mix and match with other fashion pieces.

These styles are all sure to add some flare to your wardrobe this spring, which trend is your favorite?

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