4 Essential Tips in Staying Safe During Homecoming

1. Keep a close eye on your drinks 

If you plan on going out over Homecoming weekend, never lose sight of your drink. Since this weekend is a massive celebration, there will be many new faces that you are not used to seeing around your go-to areas. This hightens the risk of someone trying to slip something in your drink. So please, hold on to that cup like your life depends on it and be cautious of the people around you. 

2. The buddy system

You can't forget the buddy system. It's safe to stay around a familiar group of people on a night out, but it's safer to be with a group of people you know you can trust if you find yourself in a new place or under any influence. Also ladies, we do this anyways but it's especially important this time-- do NOT go to the bathroom without a gal pal. 

3. Either Uber or designate a driver 

It's never okay to drive under any influence. Make sure you designate a driver that will stay sober and someone you can count on to get you from point A to point B safely. If you don't have anybody to do this, use Uber or Lyft. Yes, the apps have raised prices on special weekends like Homecoming, but it's better to spend the extra money instead of getting into an accident. 


Happy Homecoming Cowboys, have an amazing safe and fun weekend! Go Pokes!

(P.S. If you use Uber or Lyft, make sure to ask the driver who they are picking up to avoid getting into a car with someone that has malicious intententions.)

4. Stay hydrated 

It's understandable, Homecoming is upon us and you may want to let loose. Just make sure you stay hydrated if you do so, your body will thank you.