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3 Types of Paintings I’d Like to Try This Year

As an artist, I’m often inspired by many great artists of the past and present and their techniques they’ve used in their artworks. I often use the same technique for my artworks but I’m thinking of trying new ones. Here are the three painting styles I’d like to try this year.


Considered to be one of the most influential styles of the twentieth century, this art style contains geometric shapes that inspired later abstract styles. I thought this was a funky style and this might be the easiest on my list as I once did something similar.


My interest is mainly post-impressionism thanks to one of my favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s artworks have been my favorite since I learned about him and continue to be so. The use of different brush strokes and unusual angles were interesting to think about as well.


I’ve heard several things about this art style and how most artists tend to use angst or negative feelings as a muse. Even though I have a ton of angst, I think it would be interesting to paint something that would make others feel a certain emotion.

I know that my first piece for each style won’t be perfect but the main thing is that I had fun and learned more about what makes each piece unique.

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