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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

College can be a very rough and trying time through a student’s eyes, especially when it comes to key times such as midterm and final seasons. Fueling our bodies with Caribou Coffee and Chick Fil A, running off of little to no sleep, and being stressed to the max, but what if you don’t have to be? Here are some handy tips and tricks I’ve picked up over my last few years of being a college student.  Not only have these tips helped me get through high key stressful times, incorporating these tricks can help you start and maintain a successful semester throughout. Here are 5 ways to survive and thrive this midterm season and finish the semester off strong! 

Get Organized and Manage Your Time Wisely

I know, I know, two simple tasks that you’re told time and time again, but seriously take the time out of your hectic schedule to do this. Starting college, and even into my second and third year of college, I didn’t follow these two rules, but my life changed for the better the second I did. Go shopping for a cute new planner, use google calender, heck even just make a handwritten list, just do it. In mine as well as my friend’s experience balancing school, having a job, being in various clubs, maintaining a social life, and staying emotionally and physically fit is HARD.  Just take it day by day and write every single thing you have to do that day, even as simple as eating a snack or having chill time.  

Don’t Procastionate and Catch Your Zzzz’s 

Now I’m just starting to sound like a nagging mom, but seriously don’t do it. I wish I weren’t speaking from experience but I promise staying up to cram through the wee hours does not help as much as you think it will. Your body needs sleep to maintain its well being, losing sleep will only put you more at risk for the midterm crud, that half of the university already has. So keep your procrastination at a minimum and stay on a sleep schedule that your body will thank you for!

Take A Break

Seriously, as important a task of passing midterms and over coming the possible “midterm slump” and finishing the semester strong is, it’s even more important to stay healthy. So be sure to remember to take a break to ease up that pressure of midterms, finals, and college in general. Whether it’s taking a run, getting a mani/pedi, hanging out with friends, or just taking time to watch a movie, breaks are key to maintaining a balance.

I hope this midterm season you take at least one of these tips and tricks and use them for good. By staying organized, keeping procrastination at a minimum, and being sure to take plenty of study breaks to scroll through your feed, or catching a new youtube video, you can not only survive but thrive this midterm season, and finish this semester up strong. So stay motivated, eat your veggies, and relax. College ends before you know it, you’re doing an awesome job and keep killing it! 



Elizabeth Ann is a junior at Oklahoma State University where she studies Fashion Merchandising. She is originally from Georgia and plans to move back to Atlanta for grad school at SCAD. As well as writing for HerCampus, she is active in her sorority; Alpha Xi Delta where she serves as Blog/ Website Chair, has her own blog; Lulu and Pearls, and even makes youtube videos.