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3 Spooky Podcasts I Have Been Following this Fall Season

Podcasts have been my obsession for awhile now, but with it being the season for spookiness I have turned to true crime and scary stories as my typical listen. I have always enjoyed true crime and things in that category. I was raised in a family that loved Halloween and all the things that come with it, so naturally I lean towards these type of things. 

Full Body Chills 

This podcast reminds me a lot of the books we read as children, “Scary Stories to Read in the Dark”. The host, Ashley Flowers, tells a fiction story written by either her, or outside writers. These stories are designed, obviously, to scare you so badly you get chills. Right now they are releasing a new story every single weekday leading up to Halloween. If you are looking to get scared, this would be the podcast that I suggest.

Crime Junkies 

This podcast has the same host as the one mentioned above. In this podcast, the host outlines all of the details to several well-known, as well as some unknown, cases around the world. She does an amazing job at gathering every possible detail surrounding each case. All of the podcasts are put into categories such as; missing, murdered, or captured. A lot of the cases covered in this podcast are unsolved cold cases.

Cult Liter 

This podcast has been one of my favorite for awhile. This series is hosted by Spencer Henry. He typically covers more well-known cases, though he has less episodes than the above mentioned. He covers these crimes in a relaxed way, and does not make light of the fact that these victims are real people. He focuses mostly on the victims. 

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