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10 Reasons Why You Should STILL Watch ANTM !

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

There are alot of television shows out there that people bypass daily. On the top of that list, in my opinion, is America’s Next Top Model.

With the stereotypes that, “this is just for people interested in modeling” and “that show is for stuck up teenage girls” , this show is underated when it should still be in the spotlight. Here’s how the process works ,and why you should be obsessed. 


1.  You find yourself laughing at the drama that unfolds every. single. episode.



2.Soon enough, the dreaded makeovers appear on week three, and they will cry.



3. You realize binge watching four seasons a night is a problem, but you can’t help it because, well, Tyra is a beast.



4. When you were almost over it, they added BOYS to the competiton. 



5. Finally, to remind yourself that it can’t be too unhealthy, you realize it relieves some stress after a long day. 


6. Until your favorite gets sent home. 



7. But, soon, you get attatched to a different competitor and pray for them to win. 



8. Now, on the last episode one of two things happen. Either your person wins…



9. Or they lose…



10. Either way, you. must. keep. watching.