10 Gifs That Explain How It Feels to Be a Busy Art Student

  1. 1. Having to Work on School Projects Instead of Personal Projects

    Grades come first...

  2. 2. Having Tons of Ideas You Want to See Come to Life

  3. 3. Having No Time to Do It Well

  4. 4. Having No Energy to Do It Well 

    Or even get out of bed.

  5. 5. Wanting to Learn New Techniques

    A motivation in my brain? It's more likely than you think.

  6. 6. Having to Learn Things You Aren't Even Interested In

    Still not entirely sure why I have to take this class that doesn't relate to my major at all but sure ok degree plan.

  7. 7. Wanting to Buy New Art Supplies

    Walking through Hobby Lobby is sooo dangerous.

  8. 8. Having No Money Because You're Paying for College

  9. 9. Watching Other People Develop Their Skill While You're Busy Working on Unrelated Classes or at Work

    Lol yes I am very happy for you that you've improved so much in such a short period of time and am not at all comparing my growth to yours because that would be so unhealthy haha!

  10. 10. When You Finally Get to Take a Class Doing What You Love