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10 Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Makeup is a powerful tool that can make anyone look good, but it’s not just about making yourself prettier. Makeup is about boosting your confidence and bringing out your fiercer side. There is no limit to what you can do with makeup and it’s for everybody!

Here is a list of things to avoid so you can get started on a bolder you:


  1. DON’T FORGET TO PRIME! You need to choose a good primer that matches your skin type. There are some that fill in pores, some for oily skin, and some from dry skin. Though this process may seem tedious and pointless, skipping primer will lead to makeup that doesn’t look as good and doesn’t last as long.  

  2. Instead of using your fingers to blend your foundation, utilize your makeup tools! Beauty blenders are a great way to make sure that everything looks more natural and covered.You can also use a makeup brush to get the same results.

  3. Don’t forget to blend the jawline. A big mistake is to blend until you reach the jawline, then stop. Don’t do it. In the real world outside of your mirror, you will probably turn your head. Also, make sure to blend all the way to your ears. This is a very common mistake.  

  4. Excess concealer is noticeable. Only use what little is necessary for the blemish, then blend. Remember, LESS IS MORE!

    (P.S. Concealer is a good primer on the eyelids for eyeshadow)  

  5. As for contour, matte, cool toned shades are usually best. If you get contour that is too red or too shimmery, it  looks a little too muddy. Also, a good tip for blending your contour under your cheekbones is to blend it upwards so it doesn’t drag your face down.
  6. DO NOT use a liquid highlighter on top of a powder! It makes it look cakey and gives way too much texture. Instead, if you do choose a liquid, do it before the powder so it can look more smooth or opt for a power highlighter.  

  7. When applying your highlighter, start with a small amount and if you think you need more, you can add it after. Don’t be afraid to switch between your tools.  

  8. BLEND! BLEND! BLEND! You don’t want harsh lines in your eyeshadow, so blend until your fingers bleed! Just kidding, but really, blend it well. The sponge sticks that come with eyeshadows will not do the trick!

  9. Even if you have thick eyebrows (like me) it’s all about the shape, so don’t be afraid to fill them. You can shape them however you want them.  

  10. To top it all off, use some setting spray! This will lock your makeup into place so you can look great all day! There is no need to have runny makeup that is gone in an hour when it can be avoided.


Now that you know the basics to avoid, you can make the whole process your own and create all kinds of art. If you need more help to hone your skills, you can always look up more tips and techniques on YouTube!


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