10 Affordable Date Ideas for the Spring

Date night. Ah, the pressure of picking out the perfect outfit, making ends meet, dinner conversation, and tons of other crazy stress. Dates nights don’t always have to be some crazy expensive dinner or a classy night out. Dates can simply be just a good little alone time together with your boyfriend or girlfriend for the evening. Here are 10 inexpensive fun springtime date ideas for you and your boo!

1. Pack a picnic.

It's romantic the whole way through, from making the meal together to picking the perfect spot a picnic can be a fun and intimate mid-afternoon date.


2. Go find a walking trail for a nature walk.

A nature walk can be a cool way to talk and get to know your partner and the things they like.


3. Ice cream sundae date at home.

Everyone loves ice cream, what is more fun than grabbing some supplies and making some yummy sundaes together?


4. Local fruit tree farm (apple picking..etc…)

Another fun and yummy date for you and your boo to laugh and get closer!


5. Day drive for a hike

Just like a nature walk, a hike allows you to get to know your partner on a deeper level, head out to the Wichita Mountains and get to climbing! (plus the ride there can be a fun day trip) https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Wichita_Mountains/visit/plan_your_visit.html


6. Make each other a playlist, listen to them together.

Sometimes we can be bad with words or not able to express feelings that we have towards one another. An easy way to get around this and let your partner know your totally all about them is to hop on Apple music or Spotify and find some songs that you think your partner might enjoy then listen to them together. This date makes for a total love fest! https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/sweet-girl/pl.u-xlyNG3kTAAvlVm (here is one my boyfriend made me for reference!)


7. Grab some coloring books and pencils and get to sketching (everyone loves to color)

Coloring is not only therapeutic but it brings you back to your childhood!


8. Go to a sporting event on campus

Cheering on your favorite team WITH your favorite person? Can we say #GOALS?

https://okstate.com/calendar.aspx (Okstate’s sporting events!)


9. Thrift shopping

Not only can you find some cool threads but you also have a great photo shoot opportunity!


10. Do some spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning can be a drag but when you do it with someone that makes you happy then it can be one of the best times! Looking through memories together can be so fun, who knows what you’ll find!