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1 is 2 Many’s Audrey Woods

You might have seen Audrey Woods on campus the last few weeks for Sexual Assault Awareness Month events, but in fact, she’s been on the OSU campus for the past two years working to prevent sexual assault and violence as the Sexual Violence Prevention Educator through the OSU Student Conduct Office.

Audrey, a Dallas native, is a master’s student in mental health counseling at OSU. A few years ago she was looking for a graduate assistantship to complete her training as a counselor. She noticed at that time there was not currently a sexual violence prevention position on campus. After talking to a few offices, she realized there was a desire for the position.

“The Student Conduct Office had been hoping to create a position like this,” Audrey said. “So I began my work with the roll out of the OSU 1 is 2 Many campaign in August 2014. Just goes to show that you never know what possibilities are out there until you ask!”

Audrey just finished participating in a few events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month at OSU, including a Take Back the Night march and a Self Defense Seminar. This week on April 20, she and the Student Conduct Office will be partnering with other offices on campus to host Denim Day at OSU, an international protest against sexual assault.

This May, Woods will graduate from OSU but she hopes to continue helping survivors of sexual violence in her future as a mental health counselor. She wants to help reduce the stigma around mental health services and enjoys helping to facilitate another person’s journey to a healthier, happier life. 

In her free time, she and Clifton, her husband of almost two years whom she met at OSU, and their two dogs, Wesley the corgi and Rowling the mutt, enjoy staying active and healthy. Audrey runs, bikes, does plyometrics, lifts weights and more. Audrey and Clifton also spend a lot of time visiting her “huge, loud, awesome family” down in Dallas. 

But don’t let this busy life fool you. Audrey still enjoys getting lost in occasional Netflix binge and has recently even gotten into audio books. She is always looking for good suggestions! 

Bonus puppy pic!!! Rowling the “mutt” and Wesley the Corgi

I'm a first-year grad student at Oklahoma State University. I am involved with communication studies and gender issues. I'm a dog-person, not a cat-person, but only because I'm allergic to cats. I enjoy documentaries on Netflix and my favorite food is every food.
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