A-Z Advice For The Holiday Season

Here’s all the advice, from A-Z, that you’ll need this holiday season:

Appreciate gifts you’re given

Believe in the holiday season (& Santa!)

Care for the people who need help

Decorate your surroundings

Echo the reason for your season 

Flood your mind with positivity 

Give back

Heal from semester-long stress

Include everyone

Join the fun and frolic 

Kiss under the mistletoe

Look around you to give thanks

Make memories

Nurture those younger than yourself

Open your mind to new ideas

Participate in once in a lifetime events

Quiet your mind late at night

Ring in the new year with those you love

Sing to your heart’s content

Think of others

Unleash your inner child

Visit those who can’t come to you

Warm yourself up by the fire on cold winter nights

X out the negativity

Yawn after a long day

Zip to the tree on Christmas morning

Happy holidays from the Her Campus Ohio U family to yours!