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yOUr Fall Semester Bucket List

It may be too early for cabin fever, but it’s just the right time to get off Netflix and get outside (or inside, in a different location other than your dorm/apartment/couch).


Plus, who doesn’t love crossing things off a to-do list? See what things you’ve already done, what you haven’t, and what you can’t wait to do:

1. Attend an OU football game


2. Join a student organization (cough, HCOU)


3. Check out all the coffee shops uptown


4. Visit the Athens Farmers’ Market


5. Watch the parade on Homecoming Weekend


6. Find your favorite bar (and drink!)


7. Attend the Paw Paw Festival


8. Explore Hocking Hills and the hills of Athens


9. Go to Slice Night at Courtside Pizza & Sports Bar


10. Check out the vintage and thrift stores uptown


11. Catch a movie at the Fun Barn in Nelsonville


12. Soak up the sun at Stroud’s Run (before it’s too late!)


13. Find your favorite study spot on campus


14. Check out all seven floors in Alden Library


15. Walk/run/rollerblade/ride your bike on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway


16. Eat Chicken ‘n’ Waffle at 2 a.m.


17. Eat a Big Mamma’s burrito at 2 a.m.


18. Basically eat everything that’s open at 2 a.m.


19. See a movie at Athena Cinema on Court Street


20. Take cute fall pictures on College Green


21. Carve a pumpkin before Halloween


22. Dress up for the Halloween Block Party


23. Invite your dad for Dad’s Weekend


24. Attend an OU basketball game


25. Host a friendsgiving

And lastly,



Have more ideas you plan to cross off? Sound off at @hercampusohiou!

Emily is a junior and HCOU's campus correspondent and editor in chief! Check her out on Twitter, @edafffffron (five f's).
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