Why You Need These 13 Makeup Brushes

Main photo: palmbeachlink.com

Make up is super fun, right? Or is it stressful? Why do you need 30 brushes to put on your face? And what does this even do? You should be able to just use your hands; it seems unfair to spend money on makeup brushes.

Using your hands spreads bacteria on your (hopefully newly cleaned!) face, making acne and blackheads a bigger issue. Also, hands make makeup apply unevenly. Never fear—a clean makeup brush will make you look (and feel), like a million bucks.

Now, you’re convinced and bought yourself a cute new set of brushes. Whether you went basic or advanced, here’s what you need to know about the new brushes in your life:

1. Foundation (and primer)

Use this brush to apply primer to your face, then follow closely with foundation.

Photo: youniqueproducts.com

2. Concealer

Make sure to blend in the concealer with this brush and blend it in completely. (Follow with blending sponge if needed).

Photo: marykay.com


(Blending Sponge)

Photo from amazon.com

3. Powder

There are tons of brushes you can use for this step, but I recommend a fluffy brush.

Photo: glamsel.com

4. Bronzer

I like using the little fluffy ones, but if you’re feeling really advanced try a fan brush.

Photo: sparksunlimited.net


(Fan Brush)

Photo: buyingcrueltyfree.com


(Note: Smaller fan brushes can be used to lightly apply mascara)

5. Blush

Use an angle blush brush to create dimension on your cheeks.

Photo: feelunique.com

6. Highlight

Be sure to blend! Use a sponge if it's not blended enough.

Photo: frmheadtotoe.com

7. Eyebrows

Make sure to line the tops and bottoms then fill in the brow. Don’t mix this up with your cream eyeliner brush! It’ll be a bit wider, and not covered in black goop.

Photo: elainabardo.com

8. Brow Bone

If you want a looser pigmentation presentation, use this brush as double duty and use it for your eyelid too.

Photo: bunbunmakeuptips.com

9. Eyelid

There are tons of options! For a basic everyday makeup, try this one.

Photo: maybeline.com

Pro tip: This is a sponge for blending.

Photo: dx.com

10. Crease

Use this carefully! It can get everywhere if you don’t.

11. Blending

This may be the most important step. Don’t skip it, and make sure your brush is up to the challenge.

12. Eyeliner

This is for cream eyeliner only.

Photo: aliexpress.com

13. Lip liner/filling in your lips

Pro tip: Make an ‘X’ over your cupid's bow with this handy little brush before filling in your lips.

Photo: artdeco.com