Why We Love Ohio University

While I could write forever and try to explain my own love for Ohio University, I thought about the many different experiences that every student has. I took to our own Her Campus team here at Ohio University and asked them why they love OU.

“I love Ohio University because the campus is beautiful in any weather.” -Madi Hiros, Junior, Management Information Systems and Business Analytics

“I love Ohio University because it has brought me friends and memories that will last a lifetime.” -Darian Berdysz, Sophomore, Communication Studies and Marketing

“OU may not be in a big city, but it’s the college town atmosphere and the bricks that I love most! Ohio University has some of the best faculty and students in the world! There’s so much to love about OU!” -Caitlin Hunt, Sophomore, Journalism and Communications Studies

“I love OU because of the welcoming environment you feel everywhere you go. We have such a close community here. Bobcats really are a family!” -Jaime Sparandera, Senior, Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development

“I chose OU on a hunch. Of course, the journalism school is one of the best in the country. But I’m a Slytherin so I was drawn to the green and white of OU. After 2 years of being here, I’m certain I made the best decision. I made some friends here who I will stay in touch with for the rest of my life. The faculty is also so invested in the growth of the students, my mentors have been guiding me since day one. I’m so glad the universe brought me to Athens!” -Purva Indulkar, Graduate Student, Journalism

"I love OU because I always have a feeling of being at home. I have met friends that I know I will have for life, and I am only a freshman. I love getting involved and branching out to meeting new people, OU makes it easy! I know for sure this is the place for me." -Maggie Old, Freshman, Visual Communication & Strategic Communication

"I love OU because it really is my hOUme away from home. I came here knowing no one and Athens and OU welcomed me with open arms and I’ve met my best friends for life here!" -Sarah Williams, Sophomore, Communication Studies and Marketing

And lastly, I love Ohio University for the bricks, the people, and the amazing opportunities that I have been granted throughout my time here. -Hannah Moskowitz, Junior, Journalism News & Information