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Why Thanksgiving Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

#ThanksgivingMatters is a hashtag that I’ve been seeing trend on Twitter these past few weeks. Although everyone is in the Christmas spirit and ready for the snowy weather with the festive lights, there is one holiday that comes first and that is: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is important to me for many reasons. One being that without Thanksgiving, we wouldn’t have a Christmas to look forward to. If there was no Thanksgiving, we would just go straight from Halloween to the next holiday, which would be Christmas. I don’t know about you, but that is a large jump from holiday to holiday. And what better way to celebrate Christmas than to have a bit of a pregame beforehand? (cough cough, Thanksgiving).

Although the purpose of Thanksgiving all stems from the pilgrims celebrating their first harvest in the new world, it is also a celebration that almost all Americans, Canadians, some Caribbeans and Liberians celebrate around the world. I don’t know why people see Thanksgiving in any negative light when it is literally a day given to us in which we can stuff our face with delicious food. And for once, it’s not frowned upon to have a ginormous food baby and gain about 5 pounds after the meal!

Without Thanksgiving, there would be no anticipation and hype for Black Friday. Black Friday, being the day after Thanksgiving, is a super fun tradition that many family and friends have and partake in every year. If it weren’t for the super good meal beforehand, and a few drinks and bonding that comes after, what would make the Black Friday experience enjoyable? Other than waking up at the crack of dawn and beating people up for the newest iPhone. Thanksgiving also acts as a “pregame” to Black Friday and without the day before Thanksgiving, we wouldn’t have the biggest drinking day of the year. And as college students, what would we be without that?

So, although Christmas is by far, my favorite holiday, I don’t think it would be all that great if it weren’t for Thanksgiving. It is important to delegate some love and time for each holiday and Thanksgiving is truly a great one. So grab some friends, sit down with your family and dig into your aunt’s beloved stuffing!




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