Why I do not use Tinder on Campus

Being a new student on campus can seem intimidating when you do not know many people. The seemingly harmless and easy way to meet new people is through the use of the dating app Tinder. While made for dating, which some people are in the search of dating, Tinder is used by many as a way to meet knew people by specifying in their bio that they are just looking for friends. While this may be in a bio, pictures used may still be more provocative, it may be set to just show guys and users will still swipe right (means yes in Tinder lingo) on those who they find attractive. I personally hate the idea of using Tinder as a source of new friends on campus and here are just six reasons why:  

1. I do not want to see my matches in a casual passing on campus 

Going to a dining hall or simply walking to class and seeing someone that you matched with on Tinder, whether there was a good or bad outcome with this match, it will most likely be very awkward seeing them somewhere other than online. If you are anything like me, you will be unlucky and see them everywhere you go.

2. Matching with people in the dorm/RA

Imagine finding someone who lives in your dorm or even an RA in your hall on Tinder and then seeing them all the time whenever you are back at your dorm.

3. Matching with people in current/future classes

That boy from your lecture that you sit next to but never talk, you just matched with him on Tinder. That amount of awkwardness is something that I do not know how anyone can handle while still focusing in class.

4. Seeing people I know in any way

In general, seeing or matching with anyone you know on in real life on Tinder is a very strange thing. Many things could happen such as it forever being weird between you and this person or things could work out, making you closer. I, on the other hand, prefer to avoid this situation.

5. Hookup culture (looking for friends can mean so much)

Saying you are just looking for friends in your bio can mean so many things. With a hookup culture present on campus, this can mean a friends with benefits situation or it could honestly mean just friends. Having to clarify in conversation what is wanted can turn into a bad situation if you want different things from your match, and then, since they are not a couple miles away like they would be if using Tinder off campus, there is the possibility of seeing them.

6. It’s not hard to meet people in real life

It is honestly not hard to meet people the natural way in real life. Talk to that person in your class, hang out with people in your dorm and do not be afraid to start a conversation with a stranger waiting for your coffee to be made. There is no necessity to have to use Tinder while on campus.

(All photos courtesy to Giphy)