Why I am an Upperclassman with a Dining Hall Meal Plan

Most college students, after their sophomore year of college, move into an apartment or a house and decide to not have a meal plan. However, I am not like most college students. I have a meal plan and even increased my meals from last year now that I live off-campus. I decided to do this for several reasons.

Eating healthy. I personally find it easier to eat healthier at the dining halls versus going grocery shopping. I did go grocery shopping in the summer and I bought healthy food, but I found that I would eat more rather than less. I enjoy working out and eating healthy, but I suck at portion sizes. The dining halls have a specific size of plates and bowls, which help me limit my portions.

(Photo courtesy of The Post Athens)


Necessities. I am one of thousands who use loans to pay for college and with that being said, I don’t have the extra money to go out and buy items I need at my place. Luckily, with Ohio University, they have markets that you can use your meal swipes at. These markets are legitimately like miniature grocery stores. I live less than a minute away from the newest and biggest market on campus. I go there multiple times a week and get things I need personally and items for my place.

Time. I am tremendously busy throughout the day. I have class and when I’m not in class, I am at work. I could meal prep, but I usually am not done doing my tasks for the day until midnight or later. So with all of this being said, having a meal plan is easier and less stressful for me.