Why Going Greek Was The Best Decision I’ve Made In College

In the fall, I decided to go through sorority recruitment, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I ended up in the sorority Delta Zeta (DZ)! Here’s why I am so glad I went Greek.

The process of “rushing” lets you meet people you never would’ve known before

I went through the rush process with two of my best friends, Abby and Gabby. While we all ended up in different sororities, I am still best friends with them. I’ve gotten the chance to make connections and friendships in other sororities because of my friendships outside of greek life. This picture is Abby, Gabby, and I on Preference Night, the last round of recruitment!

I have friends that I know will be in my life forever

It’s the small things with your friends that are the most fun, and being in my sorority gives me at least one person to do those small things with. In my case, it’s my best friend Kasey. From going to dining halls to making store trips, watching "The Bachelor" every week, making Oscar predictions, to just studying in the house, being in DZ means I always have people to hangout with. While it seems silly, hanging out with these girls is always the highlight of my week.

The people I have met in DZ have pushed me to be a better me

Even though I am a freshman and a new initiate, I am looking ahead to the coming years. My big, Kasey, who I look up to in every way, is our chapter’s president. My ‘grand’ big, Mary, is the Women’s Panhellenic Association President. One of my friends from before I even got a bid to DZ, Mallory, has been chapter president and WPA president. All three of these girls are amazing leaders, it’s safe to say that I have surrounded myself with some of the best friends and mentors to look up to and give me a bright future in DZ. This is a picture of me and Mallory on Bid Day!

These girls have given me more opportunities then I could’ve imagined and I’m only a semester in

This semester, I have branched out farther than I ever would've thought. One of my sisters, Cassidy, was a ‘morale captain’ for our university’s Bobcathon — a dance marathon to raise money for the Ronald McDonald house in Central Ohio. Cassidy encouraged our chapter to participate, and before I knew it, I was on my feet for 12 hours with some of my sisters! That day was so much fun, and is something I definitely want to be involved with in the future. Without DZ, I probably would have never been able to experience this! Along with Bobcathon, I had the chance to become involved in other student organizations. I got to go to New York City with the Ohio University Multimedia Society, all because of my sister Nikki! A spot opened up and she got me in and made it one of the most memorable weekends. Without these girls, I never would’ve had the freshman year experiences that I did.