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Why Communication Studies Students Study Less

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I stumbled across this article on Facebook claiming that students in communication fields work hours less on school work out of the classroom than several other majors. Looking at those who study most, they are very specific STEM fields such as engineering and pre-med/biology. At first, I got a little offended because I know how hard I work in my classes, but then I realized that I almost work harder in the 4 organizations that I am apart of as well as in the jobs that I have on campus, instead of spending my hours at the library with pen and paper in hand. Keeping that in mind, I reviewed some of the peers in my major and noticed that most of them are heavily involved on and off campus, which may lead to less study time and more real-life experience. My friends in the STEM fields are less likely to hold multiple jobs and be involved with several organizations because their time is devoted to studying. I am not knocking STEM fields whatsoever. They are extremely important and create wonderful careers. I am just saying that without communication students, the world wouldn’t be the same.


To back up my statement, I looked to 5 Communication Studies majors to see how they spend their time outside of the classroom, and to no surprise, they are busy bees.


Casey Funtal is a graduating senior majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in English. She writes for Her Campus Ohio U and is also the Facebook Manager for the organization. She is in Delta Zeta which is a social sorority on campus. She also works for Undergraduate Admissions as a Campus Tour Guide. She is involved in the Communication Studies honors fraternity, Lambda Pi Eta, and holds a position as Social Chair. She states, “I love being a Communication Studies major because it allows me to get involved on campus and apply what I am learning in classes to actual events with my peers.”

Photo provided by Casey Funtal

Selena Walsh is a junior majoring in Communication Studies with a Spanish minor and two certificates in Political Communication and Latin American Studies! She is a member of Ohio Fellows (Junior Fellow and member of the Advisory Board), Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity (Recording Secretary), and is a Tour Guide (Managing Coordinator). She holds two jobs during her busy weeks as an Office Aide (Allen Student Advising Center), and an Administrative Assistant (for Dr. J.W. Smith in COMS). Aside from the school year, this summer, she will be interning with the FEST in Wickliffe, OH. We wish her the best of luck!

Photo provided by Selena Walsh

Kaylee Klinger is a sophomore studying Communication Studies with a Business minor and a French minor. She is currently a writer for Her Campus Ohio U and works as a student ambassador for the Dean’s Office in Schoonover Center. You may see her when you walk in and out of the building!

Photo provided by Kaylee Klinger

Brooke Eastep is a junior at Ohio University with a certificate in Global Leadership. She holds a 3.48 GPA. She is a member of Ohio Women’s Ensemble, works as a tour guide, and is also a student receptionist! In addition to this, she also works at Pigskin as a server. She is currently managing fundraising for her certificate program because they will be studying abroad in Cambodia in May of ‘17! She has held two internships, and is returning to her most recent one this summer. She’d like to use her skills to be an event coordinator, and her internship is at Posy Floral Design in Columbus. Communication Studies has offered a unique perspective for her, and has challenged her way of thinking. She exclaims, “In everything we students do, we communicate with one another in complex ways. Being an effective communicator, or helping others to do so is a priceless skill.”

Photo provided by Brooke Eastep

Now it’s time to say what I am involved in as a Communication Studies student, because I believe we really do make the world go round.

I have a Business minor and a Social Media certificate. I am President of Her Campus Ohio U and Co-President of Lambda Pi Eta, the COMS Honors Society. I am in Delta Zeta, and have previously held the positions of Internal Social Chair and Sisterhood Chair. I am apart of Social Connect Society as a Marketing Director for the BSCPB Sibs Weekend Concerts as well as the upcoming TBT concert. I also sit on the Women’s Center Student Advisory Board. I work as a Financial Aid Client Server, a Tour Guide, and a Learning Community Leader. I have held two internships and am currently searching for my next endeavor after graduation. I do all of this plus more (I really like to be busy) while keeping a GPA of 3.7.

Brooklynn (middle) with COMS students Morgan (left) and Casey (right).

There are several more students who can act as examples of hard workers in and out of the classroom, just look to the leaders you see and hear about on campus! Most likely, they’ll have ties with the College of Communication in some shape or form. We are proud to be Communication Studies students, and a measly article can’t take that away from us!


Ohio University 2017 Alumna Communication Studies major | Business minor | Social Media certificate Qnary | Client Success Manager Some Good Wine | Event and Marketing Director Delta Zeta Alumna | Public Relations Advisor Her Campus | Chapter Advisor and past Campus Correspondent PRSSA | Mentor Living my best life in NYC.
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