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Which Fest is the Best?

With Fest Season rapidly approaching, we asked our staff which is the best fest in their opinion!



Photo courtesy of Calvinmattheis.com.

“Mill has always been my favorite, and I am extremely excited to see how it goes living on Mill for my senior year!” – Brooklynn K., senior


“It’s the first one and it gets everyone excited and ready for the rest to come.” – Meghan O., sophomore


“Mill because I live there!” – Kirby S., senior


“But only because I knew the most people there and the weather was perfect…” – Hannah M., sophomore


“…it is more spread out along with more houses to visit as well.” – Kaylee K. sophomore



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“…it feels smaller than the others and that makes it more fun.” Mackenzie S., sophomore



Photo courtesy of Joel Bissell.

“Palmer is the best because the entire weekend is a lot of fun since Palmer Place is really big Friday. Also, a lot of my friends from other colleges come to Palmer fest.” – Tori P., sophomore


“It’s one of my favorite streets on campus.” – Macie M., sophomore


“…the street is compact and it’s easy to go from house to house.” – KC B., sophomore


“The only one I’ve been to was Palmer fest and that was a lot of fun so I feel like that will be my favorite.” – Gabby Z., freshman


Number Fest

Photo courtesy of thenumberfest.com.

“I’ve been on campus for a few of the other fests but #fest is different. The atmosphere of the crowd and the music is unreal!” – Maddie B., freshman


“I have never been to a fest before!. looking to go to one this spring.” Landry C., freshman


Whichever fest is your favorite, don’t forget to be safe this season!

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