What's on Netflix Top 10 Today

Something that is great to unwind and relax from the stress of school, work, or even life, in general, is to put on a tv show or movie and escape reality for a few hours. Personally, I like to browse Netflix and find a new or old show or movie that I can enjoy during a break in my day. A feature that Netflix has is making a note of the Top 10 shows and movies on the streaming service that have been getting a lot of views from the streaming services members. It includes old releases, new releases, and a lot of time Netflix originals. There is an overall Top 10 with movies and tv shows, and then an individual Top 10 for both. The feature offers people a chance to see what is most popular right now for others, and they can decide if it is something they would want to watch. Let’s see a break-down of this week’s Top 10 on Netflix.

  1. 1. Who Killed Sara?

    This option is a new Netflix original TV show that aired in 2021. It has one season with 10 episodes. The show is about a man, Álex,  who is focused on exacting revenge and proving he was framed for his sisters’ murder. Not only is he set on uncovering the true culprit of the crime, but his emotions are fully invested in bringing justice as well as revenge. This show is great if you want a crime, suspenseful series to watch.

  2. 2. Bad Trip

    roadtrip map

    This is a good choice if you are in the mood for a lot of laughs and if you can enjoy some raunchy humor. This movie is a hidden-camera prank comedy where two best friends bond and grow closer as they take an adventurous road trip to New York. While on the trip, they pull real people into their wild antics. This movie reminds me of Impractical Jokers but in movie format.

  3. 3. The Irregulars

    Aerial Photography Of Elizabeth Tower London

    Another new Netflix original series that is full of drama and mystery. The storyline focuses on a group of “misfit” teens investigating supernatural crimes in Victorian London for Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. This show is a spin on the classic story of Sherlock Holmes and is a great choice for a thrilling mystery and drama to keep you wanting more. The series has one season so far and 10 episodes.

  4. 4. Ginny & Georgia

    Two women holding hands

    Here is another new Netflix original series that follows the life of Ginny Miller, a 15-year-old, and her 30-year-old mother, Georgia. The show opens with Georgia moving Ginny and Austin, her son, to a New England town to give them a better life than she had. This series has one season so far with 10 episodes full of comedy, drama, love, and teenage angst. The series has the feel of a modern-day “Gilmore Girls” with a lot of twists and turns.

  5. 5. Secret Magic Control Agency

    magic sparkler

    This Netflix original film is a new work of animation. The plot follows Hansel and Gretel, from fairy tale fame, as they act as secret agents. They have to use magic, clever thinking, and teamwork to find a missing king for their mission. The movie is light-hearted, goofy, and offers a feel-good time.

  6. 6. Big Time Rush

    rock concert

    This series is new to Netflix and first aired on Nickelodeon in 2013. All four seasons of the show are offered on Netflix, and for our generation, this show was a favorite. If you are not familiar with the show, it centers around four talented friends from Minnesota and their journey to fame in Hollywood. They are found by a talent agent who turns them into a boy band called Big Time Rush. If you enjoyed this show when it first aired on TV, then watching it now offers a chance for nostalgia.

  7. 7. CoComelon

    This show is a mini-series with two seasons and each season has three episodes. The show focus on learning letters, numbers, animal sounds with a character named J.J. and is a musical series. This would be popular if you are babysitting kids and want to turn something on for them to enjoy and learn at the same time.

  8. 8. Seaspiracy

    This documentary is a Netflix original film created to document the harm humans do to marine species and inadvertently uncovers alarming global corruption. This film is great if you are passionate about ocean life and want to learn more about what is happening to oceans and marine life. There are some striking parallels between the clips of the beauty of the oceans compared to the harsh reality he uncovers. The film is full of impactful messages and has the potential to be eye-opening when you watch it.

  9. 9. Nailed It!

    Donuts and Bagel Display

    This Netflix original series is new to the streaming service this year and has 5 seasons. It is a reality contest with some flare. The storyline is home bakers with a terrible track record for baking try to recreate edible masterpieces for the chance to win a $10,000 prize. The episodes are short and sweet and full of comedy that will leave you laughing a lot.

  10. 10. Octonauts and the Ring of Fire

    Last on the list is a Netflix original special created with the characters from the Octonauts tv series. In this special film series, the Octonauts work against their biggest challenge when volcanoes start a chain reaction of disasters across the ocean. This animated show is another great option if you are babysitting or have kids with you and you want something for them to enjoy.

Remember this is the Top 10 on Netflix in the U.S today, and depending on new series being added and views, shows and movies can rotate daily. If you don’t see something in the Top 10 that interests you, you can always browse the hundreds of other options.