What They Don't Tell You About Saving Money In College

Being broke in college is almost inevitable for the majority of students. However, I think we can all admit that we don’t ration our spending as responsibly as we can. Here are some of the tips I’ve figured out throughout my past four years about saving money in college, that go further than just refraining from eating out and online shopping.

1. Take advantage of every student discount and offer that you can

Seriously. Why don’t people know about this? So many companies offer their products or services for a discounted price for college students. You could be saving on stuff you regularly pay for! Here’s a website that shows 100+ stores that offer discounts for students: https://www.bestcollegesonline.com/blog/100-stores-that-give-a-student-discount/

2. Make a grocery list

I know you may feel like a 45-year-old woman making a grocery list in college, but trust me, you won’t go around buying the whole store. If you don’t put Doritos on your shopping list, you’re less likely to buy them. After a while, unnecessary purchases at the grocery store add up! You will be saving your health and your wallet with this one.

3. Rent your textbooks

It still boggles my mind that people still buy their textbooks by choice. If possible, always rent your textbooks. You’re more than likely never going to crack it open again after completing your course, and if you plan on selling it, be prepared to get around $5.00 back for your lightly used $150.00 textbook. Unless you truly think that the book will come in handy in your real life after college, you should definitely rent. You’ll save literally hundreds every year!

4. When you’re of age, don’t spend all your money at the bars

This is something that you won’t find in your typical “money saving tips.” However, college students spend so much money out drinking, and they don’t have to! You can still have a fun night out without breaking the bank. Whether this means drinking less while you’re out or simply having a glass or two of wine before going to the bars, you won’t be buying nearly as many vodka sodas as you would be normally.

5. Don’t get cable

With all of the online streaming services we have available to us now, we don’t need to be paying for cable. The possibilities are endless here. You have your pick between Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, HBO Now, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, and many more. If you’re lucky, you may even have a family member, friend, or roommate who’s willing to share their account password with you as well, making your entertainment completely free.

6. Don’t pick up unnecessary habits/addictions

I can’t believe I have to say this, but do yourself a favor and skip out on those unnecessary bad habits. With the Juul phenomenon, so many students are picking up a nasty nicotine addiction. Your physical health and bank account both suffer here. Having to pick up a pack of pods every week is not only making you broke, but it’s compromising your well-being.