What OU Students Really Want For Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Court Street is decorated with Christmas wreaths and lights. Holiday music is being played on repeat and ABC Family is playing Christmas movies. Your Christmas list may be filled with cute sweaters and new phones and a pair of boots that you desperately need. However, let’s not forget about the things most OU students want but forget to put on their lists to Santa.

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  1. To beat Miami in all sporting events for the upcoming semester. Because Muck Fiami.

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  1. An escalator on Morton Hill.

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  1. To be able to eat Big Mamas every weekend without gaining any weight.

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Because nothing goes better with a night out than a burrito.

  1. To win a free sandwich when Brenen’s does giveaways on Twitter.

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Their Chicken Santa Fe gives me life.

  1. Better wifi

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Please OU please. Not only does it get in the way of studying but it also gets in the way of my Netflix binges.

  1. For every weekend to be a fest weekend.

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Every weekend is a fest weekend if you believe in yourself (and party hard enough).

  1. To never have to wait in line at Frontroom and never have to wait in line to get into the bars

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So close yet so far.

  1. To think of the perfect HallOUween costume for next year.

It’s never too early to start planning.

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